Cola Flavor Concentrate Part 2 P-Type

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    Recommended dose:
    1.5 gram/liter CSD (Asia Region)
    1 gram/liter CSD (Africa Region)

    Quality Flavors Pvt Ltd

    Quality Flavors (Pvt) Ltd presents one of the most demanding Cola Flavor Concentrate - Part 2.
    A well-balanced blend of different ingredients to give you a unique taste


    Black Color


    For 1 Liter Drink:

    1.  Cola Flavor Concentrate - Part 1 – 1.5 gm

    2. Cola Flavor Concentrate Part 2 - 1.5 gm

    3.  Sugar – 100 gm

    4.  Sodium Benzoate - 0.2 gm

    5. Water up to 1Liter (in a way that final volume should be 1 Liter)

    Odoo • Text and Image
    Odoo • Image and Text

    Ease in Use:

    Don’t need any special technical skills for the manufacturing of this product. User just needs to follow our recommended recipe for the final product.

    Enjoy the everlasting taste of Cola Flavor in your drink.


    Carbonated Drink

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