Plastitol® DOTP (Dioctyl terephthalate)

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    Plastitol® DOTP (Dioctyl terephthalate) is primarily used as a plasticizer for PVC,
    it can plasticize vinyl resin where good processing characteristics are needed & the finished product requires improved low temperature flexibility and low volatility.
    It is also used as a replacement for ortho-phthalates in a wide range of applications.
    in addition to plastic and rubber it can also be commonly used in the paints and varnishes industry.

    PRODUCT NAME: Plastitol®DOTP (Dioctyl terephthalate)
    Manufacturing Batch Number WH/MO/0002
    Molecular Formula  C₂₄H₃₈o
    Molecular Mass 390.6
    Tests Values Test Method
    Appearance Clear Liquid         …………..
    Specific Gravity at 25°C 0.980-0.986 ASTM D-1045
    Flash point  >225 °C ASTM D-92
    Ester Value >99.6% ASTM D-1045
    Moisture Content < 0.1%  ASTM E-203
    Color,  Hazane value(APHA) <20 EN ISO-6271
    Acid Number mg KOH/g <0.1% ASTM D-1045