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    Mild sweet flavor with strong aroma

    Quality Flavors Pvt Ltd
    Brings you a unique and tremendous line of water-soluble & multi-purpose “Guava Flavor ”. We always committed to delivering a superior product. Enjoy the extensive aroma and extraordinary taste of our product.

    About Guava Flavor:

    Do you know that Guavas Flavor is a sweet-smelling tropical fruit that many are not familiar with.  Guava flavor is such a nostalgic fruit. The guava flavor is tropical indeed. It's sweet with a flowery essence. Our Guava flavor is derived from the most high-quality sources and fosters that unique flavor essence and distinct taste you want.

    Odoo • Text and Image
    Odoo • Image and Text

    For 1 Liter Drink

    1. Guava Flavor - Classic – 0.08 %

    Enjoy the Delighting & Never Ending taste of Peach Flavor


    "This product can be used to manufacture multiple products, Some of them are mentioned below"

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

    Beverages Industry

    We deliver our Peach Flavor to Beverage Industries. Peach Flavor is used to Manufacture Juices, Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks and other Beverages.

    Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

    Pharmaceuticals Industry

    We provide our Peach Flavors to the Pharmaceutical Industry for the manufacturer of  Medicine. Our Flavors is used as Flavoring Agents in Pharmaceuticals.

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    Dairy & Icecream Industry

    We provide Guava Flavor to Dairy & ice cream industry. Our Guava Flavors is used to manufacture line of Dairy Items & Ice cream